Richmond Road   |   SW20

Project Brief: To demolish and then build a large kitchen / dining room with views into the extensive garden.

Having recently retired, the clients wanted to form a large kitchen / dining space to allow them to interact with the family whilst cooking, and to enjoy views into the garden. The small poorly constructed kitchen was demolished, with the bathroom above propped, prior to the installation of a series of huge steels. The kitchen extension area was then built to maximise access to the side passage way, and the extensive garden to the rear.

A classic wing shaped roof was formed so that light flowed through the property. Sliding, folding doors fitted so that when open, the view was unhindered. The floor level was lowered to allow for the maximum head height possible. Wooden flooring and a country style kitchen give a country feel to a London house and all the bathrooms were refurbished in a classic style to complete the project.

Project Duration: 16 weeks

Design: Granit Architects